Our Story

Israel, a small nation, is often the center of the world’s attention and frequently a topic of contention.

Discussions about Israel almost always are short on facts and devoid of nuance. Coverage of Israel in both friendly and unfriendly circles is superficial. It rarely offers an historical perspective, or captures the diversity of opinions, or provides insight into its complexity. Access to these crucial perspectives and insights is hard to find online, in print or elsewhere.

Until now.

Access Israel is a nonprofit, interactive, internet-based learning center founded specifically to fill this gap. Its mission is to inform and educate about Israel on a meaningful level.

The website uses interviews with prominent experts in their fields as well as ordinary Israelis sharing their experiences, to provide differing and deeper understandings of Israel.

The website provides an interactive section where visitors’ questions are answered via podcasts and simulations, along with a resource center that includes a library of rich content that showcases Israeli culture, history, economics, sports and more.

Access Israel was founded by two senior Israel Educators who have dedicated their lives to bringing people into the Israel story. Our goal is to continue this endeavor to an ever-increasing audience.

Access Israel will distribute its content through this website, social media and partnerships with other content platforms such as educational centers.
We are dedicated to bringing our visitors beyond the superficial to explore the multifaceted aspects of the myriad of issues that face Israelis and Israel.

Itai Tennenbaum

BA in Jewish History and Education from Hebrew University.
Certified Tour Guide.
Itai is the founder and owner of Itai Tours. He is co-author of the book “Living the Dream: Israel at 50”, as well as “Israel at 60: People, Places and History”, an interactive Israel Study Curriculum. Itai has dedicated his life to introducing the complex and diverse story of Israel to people of all ages and backgrounds. In founding Access Israel, he is continuing with his life’s passion.

Noam Israel

BA in Film and Television from Tel Aviv University.

Noam is a director, editor and a Certified Tour Guide.

“I am dedicated to merging my two passions of creating films and telling the story of Israel to produce compelling documentaries about my interesting and complex country.”

Mai Tzuriely

BA in Education and English from Seminar Hakibutzim.

Mai works in the field of Israel education.

“I am devoted to Jewish social change; using Jewish studies as a tool for social action in order to create a more just Israeli society.”

Sagi Asado

BA in Communications and Marketing from Jezreel Valley College.

Sagi was born and raised in the lush green landscape of the Galilee, breathing its nature and feeling its history.

“My desire is to connect people to the Land that speaks so passionately to me.”

Abraham Silver

BA in Philosophy and History with a minor in Judaic Studies from SUNY Binghamton.
MA in Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania.
Certified Tour Guide.
Abraham is co-author of the book “Living the Dream: Israel at 50”, as well as “Israel at 60: People, Places and History”, an interactive Israel Study Curriculum.
Abraham’s life work has been creating and implementing innovative informal Jewish and Israel education. As co-founder of Access Israel he believes this is the next natural step in fulfilling his passion.

Yarden Levi

BA in East Asian Studies from Tel Aviv University.

MA in Translation and Interpretation from Bar Ilan University.

Yarden is a seasoned public speaker and uses her skills to connect people to historic sites in Israel, in both Hebrew and English.

“My passion is exploring languages as a tool to uncover a deeper understanding of various societies and cultures.”